Energy harvesting

Unique solution for urban environments

10xHydro turbine extracting energy without impact
on existing building system

$75 billion

Annual pumping energy costs World-Wide

10xHydro regenerates up to 40% of pumping energy
utilizing innovative patented technology

40% of total U.S. energy

U.S. Energy Information Administration

consumption was consumed by the buildings sector
at a cost of over $350 billion.

David Gottfried

Founder of US and World Green Building Councils

"10xHydro is one of the most exciting companies
I have ever worked with..."

Pilot installations

Entrepreneurial success

Our executive team has previously commercialized
innovative HVAC technologies with successful exit

10xHydro - Renewable Energy Clean Energy Turbine Energy

High efficiency

Our innovative turbine design regenerates 40% of the available energy of fluid flowing in pipes. Our compact bladeless turbine design is a great fit for the low pressure drop and  low flows that are commonly seen in buildings.

Invisible Turbines

Our turbines are placed away from the pump’s critical path = to the point where the existing system doesn’t see the turbines. Therefore, there’s no deleterious impact on pumping energy consumption.


Aside from being bladeless, our turbines contain no protruding shafts and include internally embedded electrical generators. This makes 10xHydro turbines both easier and safer to install in the piping systems.


Single size modular turbine design cost effectively caters for versatility of building’s piping systems. Once all energy harvesting opportunities are exhausted electricity generated enables income and economic benefit for our customers.


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10xHydro Turbine Systems

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