10xHydro turbine design was inspired by the bladeless turbine invented by Nikola Tesla. The design goal was to manufacture integrated device for energy extraction utilizing shear force in the fluid between rotating flat disks. Complexity of design is significantly reduced in comparison to common water, steam and gas turbines, while the same design concept can be adjusted to work with broad range of fluids.

The 10xHydro turbine utilizes adhesive forces of fluid (basically friction forces between the fluid and the discs) for energy extraction. This enables simpler and more reliable construction that has lower propensity for breakage due to mechanical stresses. Design is adjusted for water and low volume flow rates and heads which are practically below lower limit of operating regimes for standard turbines.

Current turbine design went through several design iterations guided by computational results and laboratory tests. The turbine was designed for water. The turbine is capable to operate for heads between 3.0 m and 27.5 m and volume flow rates in range from 3.25 m3/h to  9 m3/h regenerating 40% of the available energy of the fluid.


The 10xHydro Turbine Electrical System (10xTES) is powered by the turbine 3-phase alternating current (AC) asynchronous generator. It does not require any additional power supply nor power consumer. The autonomous 10xTES system is capable of monitoring and reporting on the operation of the turbine depending on the changes in operating conditions. In addition, controlling capabilities are introduced through electrical load of the system itself.

The 10xTES for beta site is capable of monitoring the operation of turbine and generator using sensors for pressure, angular velocity and electrical current and voltage given by the generator.

The 10xTES is capable of using wireless network protocol IEEE 802.11 and 2G GSM/GPRS protocol to send reports of the current sensor values.

System for beta site monitoring is completely autonomous and does not require any connection to electrical grid. Generated power is used for system operation (supplying the electrical system, basic signalization lights and on-board digital amp-volt meters).

Minimum turbine power required for the normal operation of 10xTES is 5W.