The 10xHydro turbine can be installed in any piping network where pressure loss and fluid flow exist:

  • Potable (drinking) water system:

    Every building typically comprises of a pressure reducing valve to reduce pressure at which drinking water is supplied to individual faucets in a building. Considering large apartment buildings or office buildings and hotels where significant water quantity is being used on a daily basis, the 10xHydro turbine can regenerate energy available in the pipes without impacting the water flow.

  • Chilled or Hot water System in the HVAC:

    Closed loop systems like chilled and hot water are ideal for the compact 10xHydro turbine application. The turbines can be installed upstream of the balancing valves so that the desired pressure loss can be achieved on a turbine instead of a valve. That way energy is recovered for the fluid flowing in pipes while the pump does not “see” the turbines.

  • District cooling and heating systems:

    District cooling and heating systems are high pressure/high flow systems and at each energy transfer station. The 10xHydro system can be installed both  on the primary side as well as on the building side to capture energy already spent by the pumps..

  • Condenser Water system:

    Condenser water systems are as large as chilled water systems. Installing turbines on the suction side of the condenser pump enables regenerating energy of the Condenser Water Pump without affecting pumping energy consumption.

  • Refrigeration system (Ammonia and Freon):

    Every refrigeration system requires reduction of pressure from condensation pressure to evaporation pressure on the TX valve. This pressure loss is usually large and the flow rate varies with the installation size. The 10xHydro turbine can be installed upstream of the TX valve to regenerate some of the compressor energy. The same solution can be applied on the chiller systems.

  • Natural Gas (Pressure reducing stations):

    Pressure reducing stations present an ideal opportunity to utilize 10xHydro turbines. Considering that the 10xHydro turbines contain embedded generators which are submerged in natural gas and therefore represent no risk of explosion due to absence of oxygen. Large flow rate and pressure drops enable 10xHydro turbines to generate large amounts of energy which can then be distributed or stored.

  • Steam plants:

    Large pressure and flow rates in steam plants provide an excellent opportunity to regenerate energy using 10xHydro turbines with external generators. Due to high temperature of the steam, internally embedded generators (in particular the magnets) are prone to failure. This way 10xHydro turbine can generate large amounts f energy.