No “Pipe Dream”

Things are getting exciting here at 10xHydro ( ).  Renewable energy is no longer a “pipe dream” thanks to our innovative solution.  It’s already helping some of the world’s top brands – including Adobe HQ in San Jose, California and SUNOKO sugar plant (Europe) – save big on their energy costs.  We do this through a combination of patented bladeless turbines and small generators, which are installed into existing piping systems to generate electricity from flowing fluids.  Best of all, our technology can be installed in any commercial or industrial building without upsetting its infrastructure.

Billions of gallons of water are pumped through buildings’ HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) on a daily basis in order to deliver comfortable conditions to occupants.  Special pumps move the water through all corners of a building, delivering thermal energy that cools or heats on the spot.  However, despite the relief that this provides us, the kinetic energy generated by the in-motion fluid is completely wasted.  The technological capability is absolutely there to capitalize on situations like this; but all too often, other things are holding it back.  The main issue lies in the inability to integrate massive turbines within existing infrastructures. Please see our promo video on our YouTube channel ( ).

10xHydro, a new innovation leader in the green energy space, has the keys to unlock this renewable potential.  We’ve developed a new technology with the ability to turn every building into its own Hoover Dam – regenerating energy from any fluid that flows through pipes – hot and cold water, drinking water, natural gas or refrigerant.  For our building-owner customers, this means the generation of electricity through already-active HVAC systems.  Now, they can enjoy improved operational efficiency and the cash savings that come along with it – without sacrificing the occupants’ comfort.

As you know, installing solar power or wind energy plants in urban environment is all but impossible task. There is simply just not enough real estate on top of the tall buildings to put solar panels, and wind energy turbines represent environmental risk already known.

The 10xHydro is inside the building, integrated within the piping systems, working quietly day and night and generating energy that is otherwise wasted. Moreover, we do so in spades when it is most needed – during peak A/C times, when the peak demand charges kick in!

Some of our more impressive accomplishments in about three years in business include:

  • Important tests passed.  Within the walls of our own state-of-the-art laboratory facility, our prototypes were fully tested – and with great success.
  • Brand names are on board.  Beta sites are now operational in the facilities of 5 impressive users, including a SUNOKO sugar plant (Europe) and Adobe HQ in San Jose, California.
  • Investor commitment shown.  The investment community believes in us just as much as we do.  From 2015-2016, investors contributed nearly $2,500,000.

Now, it’s time to move forward.  Provided funding is secured, the final version of our water turbines will be in the market within 1-2 years; and then the future is ours.  One of the most remarkable things about our technology is its versatility, and the ability we have to integrate it into other verticals.  Our turbines can be developed to work with any fluid pipe – including oil, steam, natural gas, and refrigeration.  This widespread application gives us massive scale potential – growing our market as much as 10 times larger!

I’d love to speak to you in more detail about 10xHydro and what we do.  Feel free to reach out and set up a time to talk if you’re interested in learning more!

Looking forward to speaking with you,

Vladimir M Petrovic, Founder & CEO

10xHydro LLC

413 887 8587