The management team of 10xHydro has been involved in commercializing new technologies in the building industry World-Wide since 1996.Founder and CEO Vladimir Petrovic has several patented innovations to his name and a proven track record of successfully establishing and managing companies that commercialized innovation in the worldwide markets.

Our project team consists of experienced professionals, each of them with proven track record in specific disciplines required by this project. They accomplished successful carriers in 15 different cities on 4 continents during the past 20 years. Our team brings strong International experience as well as deep understanding of the international building industry.

Management team

Vladimir M Petrovic, Founder and CEO – with more than 20 years of executive management experience. Vladimir’s academic experience spans from being a Lecturer at the Adelaide University in Australia to the accomplished innovator with 4 international patents His particular expertise are engineering, leadership, innovation management and commercialisation of the innovative technologies in building industry (HVAC). He led DADANCO team to successful commercialisation of the DADANCO HVAC Nozzle innovation in more than 2.500 buildings around the world and achieved several hundred million of Dollars in profitable revenue. He has proven to have a very good understanding of green building markets in Europe, Australia, Asia, North America with respect to the commercialisation of the 10xHydro technology.

Vladimir M Petrovic Founder and CEO

Natalia Stepina , MBA,COO: former executive from Procter and Gamble and LVMH, Natalia has delivered projects such as acquisition of Gillette by P&G and she ran organisation of more than 1.000 employees. Her core competency is in Operations Management and HR. Natalia is a certified Executive Coach. Natalia’s experience is from Belgium, France, Switzerland, Russia and CIS.

Natalia StepinaMBA,COO

Engineering Team

Amirhossein Eshtiaghi MSc. VP Engineering – Experienced R & D Engineering Manager in several research institutes in USA who has successfully delivered award winning product designs in building services and in energy industries. His expertise is in CFD Modeling, Laboratory testing and new product development. Amir’s experience is from Europe and USA. Amir is co-­‐inventor of the 10xHydro Innovation. Mr Eshtiaghi spent last 7 years in top building services (HVAC) organisations in product development and laboratory management roles.

Amirhossein EshtiaghiMSc. VP Engineering

Dragan Komarov, PhD, Chief Scientist has been Research Associate at Department of Aeronautics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at University of Belgrade. He is the lead scientist on the 10xHydro turbine project. His experience spans research on energy efficient designs of micro hydro turbines as well as wind turbines. Dr. Komarov is an expert in fluid dynamics. He is published in numerous international peer reviewed professional journals. His scientific work was applied in development of an ultra-efficient blade of a wind turbine. He has spent last 5 years in commercial environment in product development roles for the building services industry.

Dragan KomarovPhD, Chief Scientist

Vladimir B Garcevic, MSc., VP Turbine technologies with more than 20 years of management experience in major global organisations in building services and energy industries. Vladimir’s research experience spans from the research engineer at the Adelaide University in Australia to being a responsible engineer (Engineering Manager) to convert an innovative technology from an idea to a commercial product in building services industry (HVAC). His engineering and project management expertise ranges from new product development and setting up manufacturing plant to project and risk managing design and installation of complex gas pipelines and LNG pumping stations. He was an engineering manager for DADANCO since 1997 and for the largest Australian energy provider since 2002. He also established regional engineering design and maintenance offices throughout Australia and SE Asia. Vladimir’s extensive experience reaches Australia, Singapore, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Serbia and Russia.

Vladimir B Garcevic

Ante Elez, PhD, Generator Design Specialist; has been working in an Electrical Engineering Institute in Zagreb, Croatia since 2003. He has 10 years of experience in applied R&D and project management and since 2014 he is the head of Koncar Rotating Machines Department (motors and generators). He is a task leader in ERDF co-­funded projects and was the principal investigator in the projects cofounded by the Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments. He has successfully developed commercial monitoring systems for rotating machines. Dr Elez designed and developed the 10xHydro turbine embedded generator. He has worked on projects throughout European Union and South America.

Ante ElezPhD, Generator Design Specialist